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Edwin Campion Dr 36
4570, Gympie
+61 490 361 835

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CrossFit Box in Gympie, QLD, Australia. Our programming is suitable for everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced athlete. Learn more.

The CrossFit Release coaching team brings together over 25 years of knowledge, know-how and a vast array of experience. Our coaching team have assisted hundreds of people in the beginning or progressing through their CrossFit journey. 

At CFR, you will meet and become part of the most supportive community – they really are second to none. The community is central to everything that is CrossFit Release. We are the sum of all our parts.

Our mission is to provide a friendly, safe, and supportive environment for athletes and coaches who strive to become a better version of themselves, focusing on both mental and physical health.

As a result of being hit by a car when I was thirteen, I have suffered from lower back pain for the best part of 31 years. Of course, working as a carpenter for 24 years hasn’t helped and after many visits to Physio’s, Chiro’s and Massage it has been something I just learned to live with.

First night was all about squats and Good mornings, well I thought I knew how to squat, apparently not! Heels off the ground and knees forward were all wrong and my range of movement wasn’t much better. But that was fine as the Lite class is all about learning the basic fundamentals of the movements with positive progression.

Good Mornings, who would have thought that a broomstick could solve my back pain, certainly not me. Broomstick on the shoulders pulling down to engage the latts, feet shoulder width apart, soft knees and hinge forward while keeping a neutral spine. Now that stretched some muscles I didn’t know existed. I was then introduced to Seated Good mornings. Same deal just seated on a bench. I honestly thought my hip flexors were going to jump out and leave during the first set. Second set was ok, not so bad and after the third I was like “shit this actually feels good”.

At this stage I was only attending one session per week, however the rapid response from my back was incredible. One morning about 3 weeks in I had realized I had gotten out of bed without being hunched over in pain while trying to stand straight for the first few steps, damn I actually feel good! At 44 years young and to be pain free for the first time in decades has given me a new lease on life.9 months in, still pain free, lost a few kilos, fitter, stronger, faster and best of all Feeling awesome.Massive thanks to Paul, Coaching staff and the Crew at CrossFit Release for your dedication throughout everyone’s journeys.”

I’ve been going to the gym since I was 15 years old, and my only ever goal was to make my body smaller, get ‘skinny’ or ‘toned’ if you will. I hated my legs, arms, and stomach and was insecure about nearly every part of myself. I tried to starve myself and workout for hours in hopes it would help me shed those extra kilos. But then my partner Matty started going to CFR in January 2020 and encouraged me to go for nearly a year before I gave in.

I have achieved things I never thought I could and have gained so much confidence in myself. I have always been a quiet type and never really put myself out there, but I have made some amazing friends inside the box. I have become a completely different person from being continuously surrounded by the positive influence of the CFR community.


CrossFit Release has not yet filled in its description.

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Manuel Martins 3 years ago

Sharyn McConnell 3 years ago

_Gerard Irvine 4 years ago

Had my first sesh here. Great people and well set out.

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